Q: Is this just one DVD, or are there twelve?
A: You can watch all twelve fireplace styles on the one Light the Box DVD.

Q: How long can you play each fireplace style?
A: Literally, as long as you like. All Light the Box fireplace styles can play forever.

Q: How can you play one fireplace style forever on just one DVD?
A: Each Light the Box fireplace style plays seamlessly with a track loop every ten minutes or so.

Q: Can I play different fireplace style one after the other?
A: Yes. It is possible to choose to play all the Light the Box traditional fireplace styles continually, with a new fire appearing every ten minutes or so. You can also do this with the six contemporary gas fireplace styles.

Q: Do the fires die down?
A: No. The advantage of using a Light the Box fire DVD is that it never dies down! You will notice many subtle differences in the fires though!

Q: Are there sound effects on the DVD?
A: Yes. The sound on Light the Box has been authentically recorded. You hear crackles, spits and roaring flames as you would if you were listening to a real fire.

Q: Is there music on the DVD?
A: No, simply because we imagine you would want to choose your own music to accompany Light the Box fireplace style. Everyone’s taste in music is different!

Q: Can I view Light the Box on a conventional 4:3 TV screen too?
A: Yes, of course. The fires have been specifically composed to look as good on conventional screens as on widescreen TVs.

Q: Can I use this DVD in commercial environment like an office reception or a restaurant?
A: A commercial version of Light the Box with special features to meet the needs of businesses will shortly be available. Watch this space!